VacuPractor - Back Pain Relief Device. A Patented, Natural and Safe Orthopedic Alternative to Spinal Decompression and Traction Machines That Relieves Lower Back Pain in the Lumbar Region You Can Use At Home
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Stop your suffering with Lower back pain today. This easy-to-use device works in just minutes on any flat, firm surface, and it's guaranteed to relieve back pain by comfortably decompressing the spine and gently stretching the surrounding muscles. The VacuPractor utilizes vacuum pressure and leverage to increase clearances between vertebrae in the lumbar region and to stretch muscles which may be shortened or in spasm, relaxing the back without medication. Until VacuPractor, no treatment or mechanism existed to directly address the causes of lower back pain. The VacuPractor uses stretching to lengthen and relax muscles that are shortened... [Read More]