DR JK Toe Separators, Toe Stretchers for Yoga, Hammer Toes Straightener and Bunion Relief , ToePal Kit for Women and Men
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Triple Loop Toe Separators:
The Triple Toe Straightener gently separates, aligns and straightens toes, three toes at a time. Wear our toe straightener with any shoe to correct overlapping, crooked toes or hammertoes. Straightener applies gentle, constant pressure, cushioning even the most sensitive toes.

Toe Stretchers Gel:
The toe stretcher gel is perfect for Yoga, ballet dancers, yogis and athletes. Toe Stretchers greatly reduce foot cramping after practices. Fight Bunions, Hammer Toes, Claw Toes, Metatarsal & Other Unsightly Foot Problems! Slip them on after wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes for work or play to feel... [Read More]